Senior Executive Partner

Maurizio Cuzari

Maurizio Cuzari has been working for SIRMI - a Market Research and Consulting company specialized in ICT - since its foundation, in 1976; he held several positions in the technical and commercial area, until becoming CEO in 1981 and President and Majority Shareholder of the company from 1994 to 2014.

Since February 2015, he is Member and Senior Executive Partner of NetConsulting cube, holding company that inherited NetConsulting's business and acquired SIRMI, and therefore he operates for both companies.

The activity carried out over the years enabled him to build a significant background of knowledge and relationships and to follow the evolutionary process of the ICT industry, working closely with Suppliers, Third Parties and Large Clients.

Journalist, Speaker and Chairman in several conferences and meetings on the ICT sector, he has acquired significant experience in the analysis of the best ICT companies organization models, of go to market systems and of the issues linked to Indirect Distribution Channels; he is also a Strategic Marketing Consultant for the Top Management of many companies.

He is co-editor of the online magazine Inno3, the group's editorial initiative, and Manager Director of the Monthly Magazine ICT Professional, the official body of the FIDAInform Federation, and the Info-Press Weekly Information Agency.

He is a member of Club TI, an Association of IT professionals, which was founded in Milan under the aegis of Assolombarda, and of the Advisory Board of the Master "IT Governance & Compliance" of the School for the Company's Administration of Turin University. He also was a Councillor of FTI - Forum for the Information Technology, Independent Adviser and Adviser in various ICT companies on the Venture Capital Funds and Venture Capital Company, and member of the Executive Council of ProSpera, a no profit Association.